Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Review] Suffle's Song – Season Time Godness in Red

Sorry for taking some time to make this post I promised some time ago.

We have finally moved to a new home, it is bigger and much more comfortable than our previous one. I was an “one room” small apartment, which is fine for one person to live in but there is not much space for two people, a dog and two rats haha

Also, this time is English only mostly because I don’t feel comfortable writing twice the same thing. Since English is not my native language, don’t mind grammar or writing mistakes, ok? Feel free to write a comment if you have any doubts, I am glad to help.

Note: some pictures were upside down, I fixed then on Picasa, I hope they are in the right way when I publish this post. If it s not, I am sorry, I did what I could do, might fix it soon.

Souffle's Song info:

Official Store
Retailer (cheaper shipping, no OP version)

Official photos:

I decided to order this jsk mostly because it was a cheap print compared to any other brand, indie or not, and I really like the overall print design. From all Mucha inspired prints I believe this is the most beautiful, specially for it’s vertical gracious flowers and the way they made Mucha’s art works as a lolita dress print.

I ordered from Souffle Song website around April 24 and received on June 26 (actually it arrived home at June 26 but I was travelling, I returned home and got my package after July 2nd), it was sent by DHL.

I paid around 70usd for the dress and something like 40usd for shipping to Brazil. I wasn’t expecting to pay this much for shipping, I took two days deciding if it was worth and finally checked out and paid by Paypal. It would be better if it was possible to have more shipping methods than DHL or EMS.
I also had to pay more 38usd for taxes to DHL which sucks.

Unfortunately DHL fucked up my package, looks like they opened it and put it on another package. Sadly, doing so they glued my WHITE dress lace with their YELLOW/ORANGE TAPE from the package. I am also an idiot and I didn’t took any photos of the package, but you can see the damage below:

These spots are glue residues from the tape they used on the package. My dress was literally glued on the package. At the time I was so nervous that all I could think about was to take my dress out without tearing the lace. I might try a glue solvent, I hope it works. At least it is not that big but looks like poo.

Except from this problem I was pretty happy with it’s overall look.
It could have a better fit on my breast area and I was expecting it to be more comfortable but this kind of thing is usual for me in lolita.


such as fake underskirt, hem lace, strap button, zipper, tags and lining


I used it only for taking photos for this review (in my old place). I got a cold that day so don't mind my sunglasses, I used then to hide my sick looking face.

The back shirring makes the fabric folds in weird ways near my waist area. Dress is as neat as it should be on my back (sentence might sound weird, it is late, I am tired XD).

Finishing / Construction

First I am not sure if this is the right word to describe this section but here we go:
Looking for damages or anything weird I noticed that aparently they had resewn the back shirring and it was evident by some marks I found on the fabric but totally unnoticeable when worn.

One of the layers of the frills is not one continuos piece of cloth but is rather two pieces sewn together.

Also, the point where the two ends of the lace meet, at the hem of the dress, is not sewn together but simply overlain, which is also unnoticeable.


I always take some time finding these last two "mistakes" even though I know where they are, but they really bother me, theses things made me really feel what cheap meant.

Print Quality

focus on the hem print and focus on the body print

Comparison with other prints

Aatp Name of the Rose x Season Time Godness, Aatp dress has smooth fabric.

AP Toy March x Season Time Godness, looks less blurry. Both dresses have some kind of texture.

Yes, it is blurry compared to some really high definition in smooth fabrics from Angelic Pretty or Alice and the Pirates, but it is not fair to compare a much cheaper indie brand first release to "lolita couture".
I read that Juliett et Justine and Moitie have some blurry prints, like Amou d'Amants. I made a quick research that sustain this rumor :

Juliette et Justine - La jupe du chateau

Pictures and quote source
"Dream skirt, get! Disappointment factor of castle print, 75%. Extremely photogenic, awfully blurry in person."

Amour d'Amants

Image source
Lettering quality is different from picture.
(note: both prints are beautiful and I would proudly own both if I had the means, they were choosen just as an example)

Back to Souffle Song, they wrote somewhere (I am sorry) the fabric has a grainy texture and this is the reason why it looks blurry. I am not an expert in printing, I don't know if it is true or not but soon we might be able to tell, they just released a new print.

Quick summary

useful for the lazy

Package: ???
No idea, DHL replaced mine.

Communication: 4/5
I don’t have anything to complain? Since it was a preorder t would be nice if they could had sent a message about our package item status. Something like “Finished orders, shipping next week, might take up to 2 weeks to post everything”?

Dress construction/finishing/acabamento: 3/5
They know how to sew, I just hope they pay more attencion on details next release.

Print Design 5/5
As I said before: “from all Mucha inspired prints I believe this is the most beautiful, specially for it’s vertical gracious flowers and the way they made Mucha’s art works as a lolita dress print.” Also, all  colors (blue, red, beige, light green and black) are stunning.

Print Quality 3.7/5
It is blurry but it is totally fine from my point of view. It is not fair to compare an indie brand first release to Baby or AP quality. There are expensive brands with blurry prints, so this is not a big deal.

Price: 5/5
Cheap for a print dress, I like it.

Shipping: 2/5
DHL is the worst in my country, Brazil, especially because it is expensive and you have to pay taxes (60%) of all DHL packages (usually they choose packages by chance for taxes, it means that you don’t have to pay it every time for every package). I wish they had more shipping methods.

I believe it deserves 4 out of 5. Mucha is love and even with it’s problems, it is cheap and the print is very beautiful! It would be bad if it was expensive with the same quality.
In a more impartial and perfectionist way I give it 3,5 out of 5.

Would you buy it again?
I just bought their last release, I hope they improved.


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    1. Hello, thanks for your comment!
      It's some kind of synthetic crepe, I can't tell the right name because I don't understand much of textiles and there is no specification on the tag but I believe it's something like this:

  2. bia! nossa, eu tava no taobao e achei a loja deles ai vim procurar reviews e ta-da, você hahaha
    To querendo a saia dessa print, mas clarinha e uma outra que vi la e amei <3
    muuitoo obrigada pela review! Adorei! :D

  3. Thank you for posting such a detailed review, I find it really helpful! I'm thinking about getting this dress too, let's see if I can decide on a colourway ;)

    I have one question left: Did you detach the small bow at the waist in front (which is visible in the stock pictures), or was the dress delivered without it?

    1. I totally forgot about that bow! The dress was delivered without it. Not good but I really don't mind as I wasn't going to use it anyway.